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We are laying down stock for our future Single Malt, and also use whiskies we have gathered from across Scotland to create two blended whiskies. However, beyond whisky, we also make Kerr’s Borders Gin, and Puffing Billy Steam Vodka.

Kerr’s Borders Gin is genuinely Scottish Gin – wholly distilled from barley grown within 20 miles of the distillery. It is named after William Kerr – Hawick-born, and among the 19th century’s most accomplished botanists. He sent 238 plant specimens back to Kew Gardens from his Far East travels.

Kerr would likely have approved of the distillery’s Carterhead Still – one of only a handful in operation. It gently heats the botanicals rather than boiling them like most other gin stills, capturing more of the subtle flavours and complex aromas. Together with the unique barley base, this gives our gin a distinctive depth. The rounded flavour works well with the bitterness of tonic water, creating a beautifully balanced G&T.

The newest addition to our range is Puffing Billy Steam Vodka – unfiltered malted barley vodka, named after the special still which plays a key role in its production. The spirit is steamed through charcoal inside the still itself and never filtered as a liquid, preserving the delicious character of the barley. It is the only vodka in the world made this way, and drinks commentators have praised the result, suggesting it could reinvigorate vodka, a spirit which has been somewhat overlooked during the recent gin boom. Fabulous with tonic or Ginger Beer, the vodka also tastes incredibly smooth sipped chilled and straight.

Kerr’s Borders Gin and Puffing Billy Steam Vodka are available direct from our online shop, along with other spirits from our range. The distillery is currently offering free delivery anywhere within the UK when you buy a bottle.

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