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We are a whisky distillery with a 5 star visitor experience by Newburgh in Fife. We host tours, events and weddings. Lindores Abbey is widely regarded as the spiritual home of Scotch whisky, as it was here that in 1494 it was recorded that a friar John Cor distilled aqua vitae for the King. This is the earliest record of whisky distillation in Scotland. Our whisky will be available next year but we already have our modern day Aqua Vitae made our new make spirit combined with fruit herbs and spices, delicious neat or as the base of a cocktail.

We produce award winning spirit using local water and barley sourced from the farms surrounding the distillery. Our spirit will legally be recognised as single malt Scotch whisky on 21st December 2020. We also produce our modern day Aqua Vitae which is a drink made from the barley grain spirit taken straight from the stills and infused with fruits, plants and spices, many of which grow in & around the Abbey gardens. It is delicious neat or as the base of a cocktail. Our 5 star visitor centre offers tours, apothecary blending experiences, events, private dinners & parties and weddings. We also have an atmospheric bar overlooking the courtyard, which in turn can be used for outdoor events.

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