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Central Aberdeenshire


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A small batch, specialty coffee roaster and coffee house situated in the West End of Aberdeen. We have industry leading
equipment for roasting and brewing coffee and a highly trained and experienced team dedicated to specialty coffee production and supply.

Our coffee is roasted by hand, in small batches, on site, using our Diedrich roaster.  We buy in some of the best green beans in the world and roast them to specific profiles that bring out the differences in flavour that the variety, terroir and processing methods impart. It is important to us that the beans are ethically sourced, we have traceability from the farms and know that the farmers who provide them are fairly treated.  Each blend and single origin is chosen to deliver a delicious cup of coffee that now can be enjoyed at home.

Figment Specialty Coffee available for local delivery and posting nationally -

Wonderland - £8.95

Daydream Decaf – Specialty Swiss Water Process Decaf - £10.95

Single Origins - £11.95

Peru, washed, organic

Rwanda, washed, organic

Ethiopia washed

Ethiopia natural


Kenya natural

These prices are for 250g bags, but 1kg bags are available on request.

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70 Countesswells Rd, Aberdeen AB15 7YJ, UK