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Central Aberdeenshire


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Cocoa Ooze is a luxury chocolatier established in 2008, Cocoa Ooze produced a range of handcrafted chocolate and gifts with flavours and ingredients from suppliers throughout the UK and the world.

Simple classic and unusual experimental flavours to catch the eye of the consumer with bright stylish packaging to match.

Cocoa Ooze produce a range of chocolates from our chocolate truffles which have 24 flavours within the range, to our chocolate bars which include simple yet classic flavours such as honeycomb and raspberry. We also have some unusual award winning combinations like liquorice & black pepper, maple & pecan and cranachan to name a few. We also produce ranges to include cinder toffee, popping candy and also chocolate coated marshmallows.

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New Jasmine House, Aberdeen AB12 3BT, United Kingdom