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Aviemore and the Cairngorms


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Distributed through many farm shops and Delicatessans as well as local delivery services and food hubs.

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The ethos of the company is to bring back traditional Scottish cheeses that would have otherwise been lost forever. All our cheeses are hand-made to allow our Cheesemakers to work with the process rather than dictating it. The use of raw milk uses the naturally occurring microbiology to produce a greater depth of flavour. All our cheeses are hard cheddar type cheeses. The maturing time required to develop the cheeses also means the risk from the raw milk diminishes as the same microbiology cannot exist in the higher acidic nature of the cheese.

We produce 5 cheeses:

Cambus O’May - unique in Scotland as the only two-day curd cheeses. It has deep complex flavours.

Lairig Ghru - a slightly crumbly cheese with a citrus zing at the finish

Lochnagar - strong, savoury and a little bit nutty.

Auld Lochnagar - the same as Lochnagar but much older and more mature!

Auld Reekie - very gently smoked to give a real balance of flavours.

Ardmore - infused before pressing with a cask strength Ardmore whisky.

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