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South Ayrshire


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We have just launched our all natural, hand harvested sea salt flakes made in Ayrshire using 100% West coast sea water, and nothing else.

We produce our very own sea salt crystals using a natural, traditional and sustainable method where sea water is trickled down a large wooden tower (a ‘Graduation Tower’) built by local craftsmen and packed with Blackthorn branches and evaporated by the West coast winds. Our Blackthorn Graduation Tower is the first ever in the UK, the first ever to produce sea salt globally and the only one in the world today to produce food grade salt so it is truly unique! We are very proud of our exclusive and sustainable methods of production. The crucial crystal crunch factor is a given - we always encourage ‘by hand’ sprinkling if only to experience this satisfaction, but also to ensure the exact distribution and grain size that you desire on each occasion. Our 240g retail packs and 1.4kg tubs are now available online to try at home.

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