Help From Partners & Affiliate Members

We are part of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership which is made up of key industry partners, the Scottish Government and SEFARI, an academic body.

The Partnership meets regularly to ensure dialogue and cooperation across the industry, and each of the partners run their own projects and programmes to help businesses across the food and drink landscape.

Find out more about each partner here.


One of the key programmes of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, also funded by The Scottish Government, is The Knowledge Bank. It provides a unique set of insights into the food and drink industry in Scotland and offers a one-stop-shop for data, analysis, and information.

A relevant report from The Knowledge Bank is the Inflation Report (Dec22), updated monthly. Simply register on with your details at the link above to access updates to the report and more.

Connect with The Knowledge Bank via their website, on Twitter, and on LinkedIn.

Other relevant partnership projects which were developed as part of the industry’s recovery plan can be found here , and include help to reformulate products, support your journey towards net zero and many more.


We are pleased that more than 100 Affiliate Members have now joined us to help Scotland’s food and drink businesses grow responsibly, whether by providing professional services such as legal and financial advice or practical supply chain support for distribution, energy, packaging and more.

Affiliate Members offering professional services can be found here.

Affiliate Members offering supply chain and logistical support can be found here.

Specific examples of help available from selected Affiliate Members to help overcome the costs crisis:

  • RSABI: Provides emotional, practical and financial support to people involved in agriculture. This won’t be relevant for all members, but if applicable, a range of welfare focussed support options are available via various channels:
    • Freephone Helpline – 0808 1234 555 – available 24 hours a day
    • Webchat service at for confidential chats – available 24 hours a day
    • Email – – monitored during office hours Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
  • Gaeltel: An energy consultancy offering support to explore renewable energy solutions.
  • The Union: A marketing agency who produce a free thought-provoking newsletter to support innovation in marketing. It’s called Thunk and can be accessed here. Innovation is a key element to recovery.
  • SRUC offer support to food and drink businesses through SAC Consulting.

Join Us

We are nothing without our members. We believe that working together is the only way to secure our future as a vital and vibrant sector and as a driving force for Scotland’s economy.

Join us to become part of this growing movement of food and drink businesses right across Scotland. Click here to find out more and apply for membership.