Showcasing Scotland Regional: Buyers

A local or regional buyer for a major supermarket retailer, group foodservice chain, a public procurement specialist, regional wholesaler or independent operator looking to source the very best produce for your business.

As a buyer of food and drink, you understand the influence provenance has over consumers' buying habits, especially over the last twelve months. More and more people are looking for quality products produced locally and, our research confirms it.

Every year Scotland Food & Drink commissions ‘Provenance Perceptions’ research, and the results continue to show an increase in consumer demand for quality, locally produced Scottish products. The growing number of local shoppers, foodservice customers, visitors, and tourists seeking authentic food and drink experiences offers food and drink providers a significant opportunity to grow their customer base.

If you are a buyer for an independent retailer, wholesaler, restaurant, café, bar, deli, accommodation provider or tourist destination, we would like to invite you to participate in our regional showcasing event specifically aimed at those operating in the North East and Highlands and Islands region. We will introduce you to some of the region’s best local food and drink suppliers in one day.

Event format 

The main element of the event programme will be to take part in pre-arranged one-to-one meetings, bringing you together with food & drink suppliers to discuss their products and capabilities, build relationships and discuss potential business opportunities.  

Alongside speakers from the industry, there will also be interactive elements to the event allowing you to have the supplier’s product in your hands during your meetings.  

Various other interactive activities will be taking place to allow you to find out more about individual products with one-to-one meetings.

We will be looking to match you with the best suppliers of quality, premium, regional food and drink products through our virtual events.

If you do join us for the event, we encourage you to fill in your online profile, which will be visible on our pre-event diary system to help with scheduling your meetings. We like to think of this session as our speed-dating element, where you can pre-arrange your one-to-one meetings to match directly with the ideal suppliers for you.

As well as the one-to-one meetings, there will be various interactive breakout sessions running throughout the day. These will allow you to discover more about the many food and drink producers that local shoppers and tourists are increasingly seeking to experience in the most time-efficient way. 

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