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In this section, you'll find a wealth of supporting information on a range of subject matters. To get started, jump into any of our toolkits linked below.

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Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

Workforce recruitment and development may be the most important issue for our sector in the coming years, so this toolkit is designed to stimulate some thinking around that, to support your own business journey - and its future success.

Recruitment and Retention Toolkit

Working in the Food and Drink Industry Toolkit

We have developed these resources to help career influencers understand the size and scale of the agri-food industry, the careers available, and the skills required. These materials will support you to promote the industry positively and consistently to potential recruits.

Working in the Food and Drink Industry

Greening Your Business

Climate change matters to the world, to Scotland and the people you sell to, raise money from or employ. It also matters to your business. This toolkit provides practical advice on changes you can make to your business to combat climate change,

Greening Your Business