UK-EU trade deal

The UK has left the European Union, and the transition period after Brexit has come to an end. The UK-EU trade deal, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, means quota-free and tariff-free trade can continue to take place between the UK and EU subject to Rules of Origin (RoO) requirements. It has been signed by the UK Government, European Commission and EU Council and implementing legislation has been passed at Westminster to put it into law in the UK.

Find out more about the summary of the UK-EU trade deal, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement including important points to note regarding: Tariffs and quotas, Rules of Origin, Customs cooperation and facilitation, Sanitary & Phytosanitary (SPS), Geographical Indications/PGI, Transport, Mobility, Fisheries, Data, and EU programmes.

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EU Exit Food Hub

This site hub provides tailored and practical information and advice on the main things businesses need to understand and do for Brexit. This includes information on exporting, importing, labelling, certification, transport, and workforce issues – and is updated as new rules and guidance from Governments emerge.

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Operate after Brexit

Support for businesses operating after Brexit can be found on the FindBusinessSupport website. It includes useful information on new customs process, VAT changes, new product markings, labelling and more. 

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EU Exit - Food Standards Scotland

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has launched a a web page to help business ensure they have made the mandatory changes to their business around new rules and regulations. 

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UK trade agreements with non-EU countries

A full list of trade agreements that are in effect plus progress of discussions with other countries can be found here.

Export resources

DEFRA has created a bank of resources on EU exporting. Find past and upcoming presentations here.