For everyone in the food and drink industry, 2020 was a year like no other. The old normal evaporated and the new normal is still emerging. 

As we roll out the support for Scotland’s food and drink businesses to recover from COVID-19, as well as bounce back from the disruptions of Brexit, we’ll be sharing updates from the Scotland Food & Drink Recovery Plan. Check back regularly to find out what’s new for you and your business. 

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The Academy

The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership’s new training initiative, The Academy, launched in January and applications are still open for businesses looking to enable real and sustainable business growth. There are three distinct programmes that each have a specific focus for businesses at different stages of their growth journeys.

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Greening Your Business toolkit

The Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, with support from the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland, has launched ‘Greening Your Business’, a practical toolkit for Scottish food and drink businesses to reduce their carbon footprint while still improving their bottom line.

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The Knowledge Bank

The new bespoke service available to every food and drink business in Scotland, provides the latest consumer insight and market intelligence across the UK and in international markets. The service is operational now and is already supporting businesses with the latest market insight, intelligence, and consumer trends through reports and webinars. Information in The Knowledge Bank is password protected, but it’s free to access if you’re part of the Scottish food and drink supply chain. 

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Post Brexit Seafood Sector Response

Seafood Scotland are providing crisis management support and have been the voice of the sector during Covid-19 and Brexit. They are providing training for businesses, a weekly newsletter, seafood masterclasses and supper clubs for chefs. A ‘Future Leaders’ programme for seafood companies has been successfully piloted with further initiatives underway. A bespoke service was also established by Seafood Scotland to work intensively with individual businesses to guide and advise them on the new customs arrangements. Industry experts are available to support businesses with documentation and other issues, helping businesses adapt to the new arrangements. 

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Go Local

This initiative is being delivered in Partnership between Scotland Food & Drink and the Scottish Grocers Federation and provides match funding to support convenience stores to provide dedicated display space for locally sourced products, and an associated promotional campaign. Applications for phase two are now open until 31 August. 

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Past activity from the Recovery Plan

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