Talonmore Drinks Company launches new non-alcoholic spirit

Thursday, 10 June 2021 Industry news

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Talonmore Drinks Company is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural product, Talonmore, a new non-alcoholic spirit. The first Scottish non-alcoholic spirit to be brewed instead of distilled to maximise flavour and mouthfeel.

Talonmore Drinks Company is a Scottish based, family run business, established in 2020. The founder and Managing Director, Lewis Kennedy (23 yrs old), graduated in 2020 from Dundee University with a First Class Honours Degree in Product Design.

Lewis said,

“It was my ambition to set up my own company and use my design skills to bring a new product to market that could not only innovate the non-alcoholic drinks market, but also provide potential health benefits to consumers.”

Inspired by the 8 million adults in the UK, especially younger professionals, who recognise the societal and health benefits of reducing or stopping their alcohol consumption, Talonmore aims to shake up the non-alcohol drinks market. Unlike many other non-alcoholic spirits, Talonmore is brewed rather than distilled, to maximise the flavour. Without ethanol to carry the flavour, many distilled non-alcoholic spirits are left with a watery taste and high production costs.

The secret recipe incorporates super-foods including ginger, prickly pear, hawthorn berry and Assam tea. This blend of warm and fiery flavours creates a complex mix between sweet and bitter. Served neat or on the rocks, Talonmore can be a signature winter warmer with nostalgic fragrances and evolving spices. Adding a light mixer can produce the perfect summer refreshment with upfront fruity notes that develop into a lasting fresh and botanical after taste. It can also be used to make great non-alcoholic cocktails such as the Talonmore Sour.

Having grown up with and been inspired by Edinburgh’s festival spirit with world class artists and events congregating in the city centre every year, socialising has been ingrained in us to be paired with alcohol. This is where we want to be different. Talonmore is 0% ABV and has been created to replicate the experience of drinking a dark spirit. We don’t want to demonise alcohol and settle for water. We want to integrate the fire, buzz and kick of Talonmore into these events so everyone can have a great time but wake up feeling fresh the next morning. Ready to explore another productive day.

The process to develop a beverage to satisfy this desire began and after many rounds of research, review and tasting, our inaugural product was created. Using flavour infusing and brewing methods of manufacture, and mixing with Scottish water, ensures that flavour is at the forefront whilst also gifting the consumer with superfoods that have recognised health benefits in their own right.

With a fiery taste, that simulates the pleasant burn of alcohol, the Talonmore name derives from the strength of an eagle and its touch point with the land’s natural ingredients. We believe you should be able to enjoy a drink of choice, whether socialising or at home, without sacrificing health, control and taste. The mascot eagle symbolises power and freedom which complements our company strapline, ‘Dare to Explore’.

Our bottle design and the aesthetic identity have been created to appeal to the core target audience through illustrating our home city of Edinburgh’s historic landmarks, strong local wildlife, ancient Scottish social traditions and innovative Roman heritage on the Firth of Forth coastline.

The limited, ‘First Batch Edition’ 70cl bottles are now available to purchase online. There is an introductory offer of 10% discount and a complimentary measuring jigger on First Batch Edition purchases.

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