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Thursday, 06 February 2020 Scotland Food & Drink Business opportunities,Scotland Food and Drink news,Tenders

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Ambition 2030 recognises the role of skills in doubling turnover in the sector to £30 billion by 2030 and has a clear vision of a “coherent and joined-up education and work-based learning programme” to support all businesses and drive forward growth. 

Realising this vision will require: 

  • An understanding of employer perceptions around current provision;
  • A strong understanding of where the skills system is already working well and where improvements could be made;
  • Insight into the barriers that might be preventing employers from using the skills system; and;
  • A set of priority actions to focus effort around driving employer engagement with the skills system going forward. 

Recognising that there is a challenge in engaging some employers around the skills agenda, Scotland Food & Drink and Skills Development Scotland would like to commission consultants to engage with the industry to inform discussions and action in response to this.

The ultimate question for the research can be broadly described as:  What are the barriers that stop Food & Drink employers from engaging with the skills system and what can be done to respond to and overcome these barriers (drawing, where possible, on any existing areas of best practice within the industry)? 

We would like to invite consultants to submit your fixed price quotation, including any applicable VAT detailed separately, for the requirements set out in the PDF brief by 5pm on 17 February.  


Jennifer McLachlan
Industry Development Manager
Scotland Food & Drink

TEL: 07879 028 530

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