Making Waves in Water with a drop of Millions Magic

Friday, 11 October 2019 Scotland Food & Drink Industry news

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The drive to encourage children to choose sugar free drinks is all set to receive a major boost. Golden Casket, the inventors and manufacturers of Millions, the tiny chewy sweets loved by children everywhere, announce the launch of Millions Mineral Water.

A huge research investment has resulted in Millions flavoured, sugar free still mineral water, with the flavours true to the original recipes. The new mineral water will be launched in November and all the signs are that this exciting product will be a big winner.

The original Millions idea was the brain child of the founder of the Golden Casket Group, the late Douglas Rae, who died last year after nearly sixty years at the helm of Scotland’s biggest family owned confectionery manufacturers. His family and colleagues are continuing the company’s reputation for ideas and innovation and the new Millions Sugar Free Mineral Water is yet another eye catching example.

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