“Hey Citation” campaign Q3 2019

Monday, 29 July 2019 Scotland Food & Drink Industry news

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Our theme and campaign line across all channels for Q3 2019 will be “Hey Citation

Taking inspiration from “Hey Alexa” and “Hey Google”, phrases that we have all become familiar with
in our daily lives, “Hey Citation” is our take on creating the go to H&S and EL virtual assistant; a
resource our clients and prospects can use to help answer their problems and questions.

We aren’t quite offering an artificial intelligence solution in the same way that Siri and Alexa do,
however, we will be offering our clients and prospects a technology led question and answer
solution via, along with brand new sector specific advice, guides and answers to the
most commonly encountered questions, captured from client call data and our in house
experts/thought leaders.

Q&As via Live Chat will also be promoted via the campaign messaging.

Hey Citation positions Citation as the experts and thought leaders in the H&S and EL sectors,
through on point, fact based and relevant rich content, wrapped up under a relatable campaign
mechanic and proposition.

Landing pages and free resources

If sharing any of the above links, please use the links provided above for trackability.

New downloads and guides
Here’s a link to all the new free guides and resources which you are free to share (please use the trackable links below):

HR & Employment Law

Health & Safety


How you can get involved

  • Share content across your social medial channels, using GIFs and trackable links provided
  • Send e shots to your members sharing the resources (speak to to
    arrange this we can build, design and write the email, with you approving its content etc.)
  • Include our free guides and resources in your newsletters and communications
  • Share this content internally to employees, to encourage partner referrals don’t forget to use our
    partner referral form , and that every referral before 31 July is an entry for a £100 Amazon voucher
  • Any questions or to chat more about how you can get involved, email Citation’s Partner Marketing
    Executive (

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