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The charcuterie category is ready for more great Scottish product

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Publication date: 07/06/2019
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For years, European countries like France, Italy and Spain have dominated the charcuterie board. Now, we’re looking inwards for inspiration, using flavour infusion and great locally-sourced heritage meat to compete. Scotland’s food producers have a lot to offer the discerning charcuterie consumer.

The domestic charcuterie market continues to explore new territory. And producers are thinking innovatively to compete and differentiate itself from traditional charcuterie from overseas.

The drive now is for local, high-quality meats. Consumers are willing to pay more for premium product. And, influenced by the nose-to-tail and farm-to-table movements, they’re increasingly interested in exploring new offerings. In short, the charcuterie consumer is ready for a new kind of charcuterie.

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