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'Kelp' the Environment - GreenWave 3D Ocean Farming

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Publication date: 22/04/2020
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With the predicted effects of climate change creating global food shortages (and consequential food price increases) looking imminent, and an increasing emergence of ‘ocean-to-plate’ consumer consciousness, the momentum to seek and implement sustainable solutions for agriculture is ever-growing. ‘Sustainability’ and ‘traceability’ have generated significant focus in the strategic development of the UK Fishing Industry and in wider, international strategy, as climate change and ethical supply-chain management continues to be a focus for consumers and legislative institutions.

One social entrepreneur who is seeking to establish a way to combat these effects and improve sustainability in the fishing industry is Bren Smith, Executive Director of ‘GreenWave’ (USA). Through his practical experience working as a fisherman, Smith has developed an innovative ‘3D ocean farming system’, which forms part of ‘The GreenWave Restorative Model’. The model acts as a three-pronged, holistic approach which responds to challenges he identifies within the fishing industry, such as ecosystem pollution and destructive weather.

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