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From Pies to Pasta, How Edible Insects May Soon Be On Your Plate

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Publication date: 22/04/2020
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Eating insects may not seem appetising for some, yet if predictions are correct, we will see insects becoming increasingly present on the dinner plates of the future. Although not synonymous with Western diets, entomophagy (i.e. the act of eating insects) is common practice across the globe, with approximately two billion people regularly eating insects worldwide.

As the pressure to tackle global food shortages by 2050 approaches, forecasters predict that insects will provide an answer to this problem. From pies to pasta, first-mover innovators are already seeking to develop an array of different products made from edible insects.

For businesses seeking to engage in sustainable practice, or for those aiming to present a more unique product offering, processing edible insects may present further opportunities.

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