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Food Tattoos

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Publication date: 22/04/2020
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Sustainable and environmental friendly products that limit packaging and lower the carbon footprint have been in increased demand by ethical shoppers and retailers alike. Replacing the standard sticker labels on fruits and vegetables with a new innovative technique called laser tattooing or ‘natural branding’ is of great interest to retailers and producers across Europe. This process marks the skin of fruits and vegetables by using either iron oxides or intense light to discolour the very top layer of the product’s skin. This technology does not affect the quality, taste, smell of the fruit’s lifespan.

Using laser tattoos on fruits and vegetables eliminates the need for paper, ink and glue of traditional labels, and avoids the problem of traditional stickers falling off, which ultimately improves the traceability of the produce and minimises costs and energy consumption during post-harvest processing. From citrus fruits, melons and sweet potatoes to coconuts, bananas and avocados - this technology can be applied to a wide variety of fresh produce.

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