Supply Chain

We are working to better connect fishing and agriculture to the food and drink success story.

In Ambition 2030, we set out this vision:

It's 2030 and supply chain relationships are transformed. Farming and fishing businesses, manufacturers and buyers view each other as partners; collectively they drive profitable and more equitable growth in markets both new and long-established.

Industry research shows us that supply chains should be better connected. In particular between primary and processing sectors and with deeper mutually beneficial and profitable supply chains that stretch from farm to fork and sea to shelf.

So what are we doing to achieve this vision? Read on to find out what we are doing to press fast forward with supply chains.

Market Driven Supply Chains Project

Now in its second phase, The Market Driven Supply Chains (MDSC) Project has, to date, delivered 33 projects and generated over £20 million in efficiency gains and added value sales growth in UK and international markets.

MDSC is designed to help unlock some of the biggest and most lucrative market opportunities for the Scottish food and drink sector. A unique team with expertise in supply chains can help businesses and sectors add value throughout the chain and deliver what the markets want.

With a proven track record across the Scottish food and drink industry, MDSC is one of the most exciting and effective ways for businesses and their supply chain partners to achieve their growth ambitions. The Project is open to sector-based projects, collaborative interventions and individual supply chains.

Find out more about this project here.

Interested in finding out more? Contact our Industry Development team on 0131 335 0940.

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