In Ambition 2030, we set out this vision:

It's 2030 and innovation is culturally embedded in our farming, fishing, food and drink sector. The pace of change in technology, markets, consumers and supply chain is rivalled only by our sector's ability to adapt to the new opportunities this creates.

The phone, the bike, golf, radar, TV - innovation has long fuelled Scotland's reputation, growth, productivity and prosperity and we must sustain this tradition. 

To compete with the best, we must innovate with the best.

Food and drink producers and manufacturers in Scotland have a world-class research base on their doorstep and many of them already use it very fruitfully. But for innovation to be a pillar of growth across the entire sector, we must create a renewed culture of relentless innovation and we must make it easier for all businesses to innovate and to profifit from innovative approaches.

So what are we doing to achieve this vision? Read on to find out what we are doing to press fast forward with innovation.

Innovation Board

The Scotland Food & Drink Innovation Board meets regularly and agree collective action across industry and key agencies on priorities for innovation in line with Ambition 2030.

Make Innovation Happen

One of the first projects launched in response to Ambition 2030 was Make Innovation Happen.

Research shows that farming, fishing, food and drink businesses say they find the complexity of support services available make it hard to navigate - business owners know there is support out there, they often don’t know where to go to find it.

Make Innovation Happen is here to simplify that journey. It is a one-stop-shop for all the innovation support available to businesses involved in the Scottish food and drink supply chain.

Businesses can simply call 0300 013 3385, email or visit to access all the innovation support available.

Interested in finding out more? Contact our Industry Development team on 0131 335 0940.

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